Online Reputation Management Companies Are The New SEO Doctors

We in the online reputation management (ORM) business have a lot of invisible business benefits to those who think we exist solely to push down our clients bad reviews and news. Contrary to what some might think, there’s a lot more an ORM company can do for you besides battling search engines to bury negative search results.

What we’re getting at here is, reputation management ain’t all about dealing with the haters.

What an Online Reputation Online Management Company Can Do to Increase Your Rankings

We at Reputation Management Fixers (and most other online reputation management companies) also make it our business to use our expertise to increase our clients rankings in search results. Some clients prefer their name to rank for a keyword related to their industry, some want to rank for search results in their specific location. Others have trouble ranking for the name of their business or even for their own name and want assistance ranking for their particular moniker.

So, how can we help with this?

Our resources are vast and we a lot of experience in getting a link to disappear or at least getting it banished off of page 1 of results (magic, of course), so it stands to reason that we’re also pretty good at getting a link to rank for specific keywords.  If you want to try out some tactics on your own to get a specific page to rank, we’ve included a nifty little list below of things you can do to give it the ol’ college try yourself.

If you’re not having much luck or not of the mind to do the work yourself, reach out to us and we’ll get in touch with you with some other ideas that may work best for your situation and you’ll also get a free quote for our services.

So – without further ado – here are some simple steps you can take to help you along in your page ranking journey.

Linking within Your Site

If you’ve had any experience with SEO, you probably already know to link within your site. However, it’s an easy one to forget when you’re excited to get some content out there. Link to your keywords. Link to your headlines. Link to the word ‘kangaroos’ if you want to (though it’s best that you reserve that for content that’s actually about kangaroos). The point is, place links from your site in other pages of your site to help point search engines in the right direction of content on your site.

Increase Page Load Speed

For a culture that runs on fast food, 10 second video clips and apps that deliver any and every thing to you so you can keep being as productive as humanly possible, it’s no wonder that slow page load is a turn off for many viewers. Optimizing image and video sizes can help a lot with this. If you’re not sure what the general load time for a page is, check out your site speed.

Different Multimedia

Switch up between image, videos, GIF’s, audioclips, etc to keep your content interesting. You can draw in a wider audience using these tactics and they act as high quality content signals to search engines.

Update Your Page

Add some new content, update the existing content or go ahead and add some images or some of that other multimedia content we just discussed to give the page a facelift. Search engines like to sniff out the freshness of a page, so spiffing it up a bit can go a long way.

Design Optimization

My site looks fine, this one’s obviously not for me, you may be thinking. But tablets and smartphones are changing sizes and standards at rapid rates and what looks good on your laptop may not translate well to mobile platforms. It may just be a matter of a couple quick platform updates or switching over to another theme. Even if it does mean reworking the site entirely, if it increases readability and, in turn, traffic from search results it’s well worth the inconvenience.

Get Social Shares

Pay for it. Add some bright buttons that center obnoxiously over your content. Bribe your viewers with free downloadable material for a like or a share. Whatever way suits you, get some social media sharing goodness for your page. Social media is a good way to get some hype about your page, product, or company out there. Even if you don’t go viral, search engines like the way those shares look and will weight them accordingly.

In Conclusion

It’s amazing how just five suggested tips can sound suddenly overwhelming, right? This is where hiring an online reputation management company can really make a difference. In order to suppress all the negative press about our clients, we have to build the others we want to rank above them.  So, in effect, increasing links our clients want to rank in search results is really our bread and butter. It’s where we shine.

Whether you’re feeling in over your head, have tried the tips above to no avail or if you simply don’t want to bother with doing it yourself, contact our team. Reputation Management Fixers makes it a priority to give you the best feedback and service possible by sending every potential client a free quote and some quality, expert opinions on how to boost rankings, build your brand and keep your business’ reputation clean so you can get back to running the show.

List courtesy of QuickSprout & JeffBullas.

Reputation Management Fixers Is Best For Your Business

You work hard to build up the integrity of your business. As an entrepreneur, that took a lot of work. People want to do business with those that have great products and a great online reputation, but some will try to bring your business down by attacking your reputation. You’re going to need to get reputation management services.

If you “let it slide”, your business could take a downturn since people will be seeing what they say about you. You, as an entrepreneur, can take steps to getting your reputation back on track.

You worked hard for your business, so take the high road. Don’t stoop to their level. You may want to, and that is natural, but that won’t get you anywhere. Remember, keep your integrity about you.

Calm your customers

Let your customers know that your business will continue like it always has even though your reputation is coming under attack. Let your customers know you can “weather the storm”.

Value is king

Go further than you ever have before. Add more value to your products and services. People like action, not words, and they will take great value and content over gossipy language any day of the week.

Get support

Only talk to those you trust. You need to vent, but only do it in front of people who “have your back”.

Stay focused

You got into business for a reason. Stay focused on why you did this and where you want to be. Keep focused on your business and the service you are giving to your customers. Get more advice and information from Reputation Management Fixers to help get your reputation on track.

The professionals of this online reputation management company know that nothing is more annoying than putting in the time and effort to craft your business and knowing others decide to break down your reputation. With time spent and money invested, it can be tough in this world when you have people belittle your company. Your reputation can be damaged within an instant, and it can affect your overall presence if you aren’t careful with your choices. By using these simple rules, you can counteract the horrible reviews other people may be sharing about your business and put your brand back on top.

How To Suppress Negative Search Results and Beat Out Horrible Reviews About Your Company

First, do not try to approach the situation by lashing out. Posting an article on proving them wrong isn’t the best idea. Instead, be wise and counteract by doing more crisis communication. Make your choices speak louder than their hate speech. You can utilize different marketing strategies with public relations to get your company in the eyes of your customers and showing them what you are capable of.

You probably built your company on the sole reason to provide a solution to a problem, help others, or simply improve the lives of others. When you struggle with horrible reviews and people judging your company, remember the main reason you started this business and push through solely for that reason. Think of all the people you will help and problems you can solve by continuing your business.

Beating out horrible reviews is not about retaliating, but more so focusing on what your business is capable of. If you have the means to go after some reputation management marketing, go for it and invest on getting your brand protected. If you are in need of  reputation management services, look no further than Reputation Management Fixers. They can help guide your brand on improving your reputation and helping your company bury negative search results that may ruin your brand.

Your company deserves to be protected. The best thing to do is to have the people at Reputation Management Fixers help lead your company in the right direction. Public relations, traditional marketing, online presence management, and SEO are all offered to help ensure your brand sustains its professionalism and reputation.